David Beckham was recently chastised by ‘the Internet’ for kissing his daughter on the lips.

I peeped at this story out of the corner of my eye and made no comment.

The main reason was because, I think, Piers Morgan was either responsible for or was at least in part the catalyst for the discussion taking place.

And he’s an odious twat.


I still won’t comment on anything to do with him, because just like Katie Hopkins, attention is his oxygen.

And so it follows that if I ignore him he may suffocate and die.

So instead, here is a picture of me kissing my daughter this weekend, on the lips, whilst we are both completely naked, in the shower.

And in anticipation of any negative comments that I might get, here is my pre-emptive response.

Not bothered. Shit off.

Have a wonderful day x

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