I don’t think you should remove the word ‘because’ from your vocabulary for ever.

But I do think that, every now and then, you should remove it for a day.


Imagine that you’re not allowed to say, ‘because’.

Just for a day.

I think it’d be great!

I can already feel myself smiling.

And you should too.

I actually have a feeling of mischief.

That I am going to get ‘up to something’ in this ‘because-free-day’ that I am going to create.

My thinking is freer.

My decision making is faster.

I am not thinking about consequences or other people. I feel that I can live this ‘because-free’ time – just for me.

Give it a go!


Sorry, this is a ‘because-free-day’ for me.

So you’re going to have to find out for yourself.

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