Oasis released ‘Definitely Maybe’ on the 29th of August 1994.

25 years ago.

It sold 8 million copies.

‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?’ was released on the 2nd of October 1995.

24 years ago.

Some might say (see what I did there?) that it’s sold over 30 million copies.

In August 1996.

23 years ago.

Oasis played two concerts at Knebworth in that year.

Each to 250,000 people.

So half a million people in total.

In just two nights.

(2,500,000 people applied for tickets.

Meaning they could have sold out 10 concerts.

Not 2).


In the middle of the 1990’s.


Were the biggest band in the world.

Be Here Now.

‘Be Here Now’ was released on the 21st of August 1997 and it’s sold about 12 million copies.

22 years ago.

This third album sold 424,000 copies in 1 day.

Meaning it sold faster than both ‘Definitely Maybe’ and ‘Morning Glory’.

In fact, it got to 1 million sales faster than any other album in history.

A record it kept for 18 years.

Until a 25 year old Adele came along in 2015.


Most of ‘Be Here Now’ was written on a luxury island.

Jonny Depp played guitar on Fade In-out.

The cover cost 100,000 dollars.

And the songs weren’t all that.

‘D’You Know What I Mean’ was good.

Because that song is not ‘D’You Know What I Mean’.

It is ‘Wonderwall’.

(Click and have a listen to the first 20 seconds).

And ‘Stand by Me’ is OK.

And ‘I Hope, I Think, I Know’ is quite anthemic I suppose.

And ‘Don’t Go Away’ is cool.

But the other songs?


Not really.

Not the same quality as the first two albums.

At all.


Clearly my view is tainted by my own personal experiences.

For example.

I bought ‘Morning Glory’ at the airport.

On CD.

As I was flying out to Magaluf to meet 5 friends of mine who were half way through a 2 week holiday.

(Interesting flashbacks).

So I love that album.

But ‘Be Here Now’?

That’s a tricky album to love.

Here it is: https://www.50odd.co.uk/be-here-now/.

I’m going to see if.

22 years on.

It’s grown on me.


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