Was never so good.

Live Aid.

Where were you on Saturday 13th July 1985?

33 years ago.

I was 17.

Working selling carpets in the Co-op in Derby.

It was my Saturday job.

I got paid £7.

And I was dying to leave early.

To catch Live Aid.

Anyhow, try to look past Paul Hewson’s rubbish boots and dead skunk hair.

And listen to how he holds notes at 3.19 and then up another level at 3.37.

This man can sing.

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  1. Could sing. He can’t sing like that any more.

    It was my School Speech Day, the last day of the Summer Term. There was a church service, then we all sat on the lawn in the middle of school while various speeches were given and prizes were handed out.

    Then we had a Live Aid party at our house. All my school mates came. We put the TV and my Dad’s prized B&O hi-fi outside so we could all watch the gig with s decent soundtrack. It was a bit boring to start with, to be honest. Watch it back now and it’s all a bit pedestrian. Adam Ant died a death because he’d missed the point and was trying to flog his latest single instead of cranking out some hits.

    Then U2 turned up and it all changed. The atmosphere was charged on that day. We all knew something special was going to happen with a gig like no one had ever seen. But when U2 took to the stage the air felt electric. The hairs are standing up on my arms just thinking about it. Then they started BAD and off it went into the stratosphere. Finally, a band that had grasped the point, that wanted to connect and share the feeling.

    I have not missed a U2 tour since 1984, except the last round of Experience & Innocence. I was at the front in Twickenham for The Joshua Tree re-run a couple of years ago and when they played BAD I almost exploded. That was enough.

    I’ll have BAD played at my funeral. It reminds me of righteous anger and youthful optimism that we might actually be able to change the world.

    On the day, they were only bettered by Queen.

    • Yep I too think that Queen were great.

      I didn’t really ‘get’ David Bowie then so, even though I like his performance when I look back, it didn’t engage me back then.



  2. We had a big party in the garden.

    My father passed away 7 weeks ago, he loved Live Aid.

    What’s the colour he would say to ny sister and I. Purple Dad. Always Purple.

    If I could, yes I would
    If I could, I would
    Let it go

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