By the way. Here’s how this chat ended. The one where I suggested a friend of mine should ‘think further’ than cold calling.

She: Can I ask what makes you think I’m better than cold calling? May help me tap into something. Or perhaps something I’ve said that landed? No worries if not tho!

Me: Yes. Don’t do it because they don’t like it. It’s rude. It’s interruptive. Most times, the media we choose is a big part of the message. Your approach says, I don’t care about interrupting you. I see you primarily as a prospect.

I think that’s bad manners. And I know you, you’re not bad mannered at all. The new approach* says, I’d like to help you. It’s generous. I think this second way suits you best. Sorry to be direct. But there’s a compliment in there somewhere.

*The new approach.

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