It’s Saturday.

So this short story is about a ‘Saturday thing’.

A Bacon sandwich.

Bacon Sandwiches. 

I will use a capital ‘B’ for Bacon throughout this short tale.

As a sign of respect.


I have had a lot of pleasure in my life.

And for that.

I am grateful.

I also think that, today, I would like to allocate a percentage of my lifetime’s pleasure.

To Bacon sandwiches.

About 2%, let’s say.

And that is enough for the word Bacon to warrant a capital ‘B’.

(I don’t know if me allocating about 2% of my lifetime’s happiness to Bacon sandwiches is a ‘sad’ thing.

Actually, I do.

It is.

A bit).

60 seconds. 


Al Boardman likes Bacon sandwiches too.

So much so that he created a 60 second animation.

About 3 years ago.

And that animation describing how to create the perfect Bacon butty.

(I prefer the word ‘sandwich’ to ‘butty’.

‘Not sure why).

Here’s the animation.

Happy Saturday:


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