Many things at The Do Lectures are different to anything, anywhere. Here’s one of them. At The Do Lectures, you hear differently. Or at the very least – I do.

When someone asks, ‘What do you do?’ – that’s not what you hear.

What you hear instead is, ‘Please tell me about your life’s work’ or ‘Please tell me what you were born to do’ or ‘What beautiful change are you making’ or ‘How do you help people? or ‘What’s your gift, and what do you gift – every day?’

No one is being judgy. No one means to panic you. Or push you. Or test you. They’re just being themselves.

You hear the new questions because, somehow, The Do Lectures is the weekend where the sleepwalking stops. Where the sleepy awaken. Where the lights come on. Where life can, if you like, begin.

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