ASDA nearly did a good advert. By saying:

“We price match with Aldi and Lidl.”

Now, I am not a fan of these price match things. Because everybody is price matching everybody else. I forget. But the reason I say that ASDA nearly did a good advert is because “We price match with Aldi and Lidl” misses a great opportunity to (more directly) tap into a real insecurity. This one:

“Is Aldi cheaper than Lidl? Or is Lidl cheaper than Aldi? ”

All ASDA had to do to resonate better was to say:

“If you’re worried whether Aldi is cheaper than Lidl? Or if Lidl is cheaper than Aldi. Worry no more. Because ASDA price matches both! ”

With some visual of, maybe, a signpost (Aldi – left, Lidl – right, ASDA – straight on).

This is an example of two things:

1. It’s best to join a precise, real conversation with your messaging.

2. Detail is important.

Andrew Tindall from System 1 measures ad effectiveness more scientifically than me dropping my occasional opinion. So follow Andrew on LinkedIn too. He’s a nice chap. Clever too.

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