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Are you aware that that phrase you use.

You know the one.


(As Soon As Possible).

Are you aware that when you say it.

What it means to us out here is two fold?

Well, it is.

And here are the two things that it means to us:

  1. Nothing. Zero. Zilch.
  2. But it also means that you don’t know what’s going on. And that you have neither the drive nor the nouse to even try to find out what’s going on. And that you have allowed yourself, your business and me, to be completely at the mercy of unnamed people doing untimed things. In short – you’re unorganised. Or lazy. Or both.

I’d much rather you said (something like):

“You know what Mychael, it’s 10am on Monday 3rd and I can’t give you an exact answer. Here’s exactly what I’m doing though.

I spoke to Bob in dispatch at 9am. Then I spoke to Vanessa who leads the van fleet at 9.15am and she wasn’t sure either.

So, I’m going to call Jane – she oversees both departments, at 10.30am. Today. This is the moment she gets back.

Then I have to make two more calls on the back of what Jane tells me. Then I’ll call you. At midday sharp. To tell you what I’ve learned.

Is that OK with you?


ASAP gives me absolutely no information of any use whatsoever.

Apart from the two points above.

And it also reveals that you, the person dedicated to look after me, has absolutely no information of any use whatsoever, nor are you showing any evidence that you are even trying to be in control of when you will have.

The result?

I see you as lazy.

And your business as lazy

And your brand as lazy.

So don’t say it.


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