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I see no reason why the way we communicate in business should not at least attempt to be as intense and emotional as the way the best music or art communicates.

Marketing, I think, should be artistry.

Most marketers are utterly boring. As is most marketing. As are most businesses. That’s why we miss the work, and the message.

Please find 20 minutes to sit and watch the video below. Clutching your favourite coffee.

Please try. There’s a lot to unpack. And it’s just one person listening to one song. But see the effect.

It’s is things like this that should remind us how desperately short we are falling as marketers, creatively, whenever the work ‘create’ is so damn samey, formulaic, tick-box, thrown together and dull.

It is not just thought and effort that is missing from almost all of the marketing communications I see.

It’s artistry, too.

Link: https://youtu.be/J_yZJTmGZxM?si=9oqgjAbrL1A61iXe.

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