Whenever I employed left-brain people.

Or whenever I worked with left-brain people.

Especially if they were picky.

Especially if they were always looking out for problems.

And shortcomings.

And gaps.

I never got on with them terribly well.

In fact.

I always used to think they were a pain in the arse.


These people revel in finding what’s broken.

They smile smugly when they unearth defects.

Dead ends.

And complications.

And I used to find that so annoying!

Because they slowed me down.

They stopped me moving forward.

And I pride myself on how resilient I can be.

Moving forward is important to me.


So eventually.

Something had to change.

Because these pain in the arse people and I were clashing.

That is when I decided to identify, isolate and remove the real problem.

And as is true with most issues like this.

Once I’d made the decision.


Things got better.

The Problem. 


The real problem.

I identified it.

Isolated it.

And removed it.

And once me being the biggest arse of all stopped.

Once my closed-minded attitude was culled.

It mended everything.

Because I actually realised that.

In many cases.

Avoiding problems can be more important than scoring wins.

And that my untethered entrepreneurial effervescence very often resulted in expensive, wasteful and indulgent daydreaming.

So I calmed.

And I matured.

And stopped being the biggest pain in the arse in the team.

Simple, really.

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