I was chatting to a friend this week.

They are pretty amazing, actually.

One of the best cv’s you could ever wish to see. They’ve held lofty positions in numerous significant International organisations.

My friend is in a transition period. And it is so similar to a phase I went through 4 or 5 years ago.

They have had enough of the churn of their day-to-day. And they have had enough of the greedy and the short term thinkers. They are pissed off with those that don’t think about what they can give, only about what they can get.

And they feel a little lost because they are surrounded by people whose values that don’t align with theirs.

I have felt all of this.

The Do Lectures.

Anyhow, they asked my advice.

Where are all the good guys?

They asked.

Not in those exact words. But this is what they meant.

A rare breed. Those that are talented, exceptional, famous, significant, powerful. Yet they choose to use their position to make other people’s lives better.

Now, sometimes I don’t know what advice to give.

But on this occasion, I knew exactly what to advice.

Go to The Do Lectures.

I then took the time to explain what The Do Lectures is. You can read about them behind the link.

Go To The Do Lectures

My friend continued to bemoan where their life was parked.

So I repeated it:

Go to The Do Lectures.

We chatted about how often The Do Lectures happened. Where it was. What it cost.

And they kept going on about their fedup-ness.

Now, I love my friend. But I eventually felt myself getting a bit angry.

I think my friend was starting to moan just for the sake of moaning.

So I leaned forward, said their name, and then said:

Go to The fucking Do Lectures.

They smiled. And said OK.

The Answer.

Sometimes the answer to things that are doing your head in are quite simple. My friend has since read a lot about this event and feels a part of it already.

They feel better. Which was my intention.

And what’s more  (and do remember that people used to pay me money to create slogans for their brands) I’ll be speaking to David Hieatt and Carlo Navato about my great new idea for their *campaign slogan for 2019.

Go To The Fucking Do Lectures.

I’ve still got it.

*They don’t need a campaign slogan.
Last year 1,500 people applied for 80 tickets.


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