I was wondering.

That thing you do.

That thing you spend most of your time and energy on.

That thing you invest most of your money into.

If you were doing it for an audience of one.

Who would that person be?

An Audience of One. 

In Srinivas Rao’s book, ‘An Audience of One.’

Srinivas explores the idea that we should create solely for ourselves.

For a whole host of reasons.


Here are a few.

Unfair and inappropriate judgements disappear.

Pressure can disappear.

Misunderstandings throughout any creative process can disappear.

And Srinivas also explores the idea that if you have an audience of one.

And that person is you.

You can create far more than you need.

If you want.

You can fail.

If you want.

And learn from that failure.

You can go off piste and be truly off-the-wall creative.

If you want.

Because you can tweak any brief as-you-go.

Or shelve any amount of ideas ideas until you feel like giving them air again.

And if you do create just for you.

You can be fearless.

And maybe never show any ideas to anyone.


Not if you really don’t want to.

So that the feeling of freedom in your creativity.

Is huge.


And endless.


‘Sounds good to me.

And so long as what you are doing makes sense.

To at least some of your intended audience.

(If indeed you have an intended audience).

You’ll be fine.

Joy and Fun.

And you’ll find joy and have fun along the way too.

And joy and fun.

In my opinion.

Are worth much more than critical acclaim or financial gain.

An Interesting Question


Who is your audience of one?

Before you consider anyone else.

I really do hope that your audience of one.

Is you.

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