As you may know.

I run a clothing brand.

Called Always Wear Red.

Always Wear Red is relaunching in September 2020.

With a new focus.

So in the coming weeks.

I’m going to post bits about it in the 50odd world.

So you can see how I’m telling the Always Wear Red story.


Here’s a preview of the new website.

That’s going live in a few days.

Always Wear Red.

“I searched. For years.
And I still couldn’t fathom who made the best hand knits in the world.
So eventually, I thought – fuck it – it may as well be me.”

It began on Valentine’s Day 2015.

In a bar.

In Newcastle.

Most days back then, I’d be imagining the clothing brand I wanted to create.

That day was no different.

A man skipped by the bar window carrying a bright red umbrella.

It caught my eye.

It caught everybody’s eye.

And the heads in the bar.

On that grey February afternoon.

They turned as one.


Red does that.

It gets you noticed.

And a year later to the day.

On Valentine’s day 2016.

Always Wear Red was born.

World Class. World Kind. Hand Knits.

I’ve been a creative all my life.

I built on this by spending 4 years designing with, and learning from, the UK’s best knitters, silk weavers, fabric weavers, leather makers, cap makers and tie makers.

Using only the world’s best materials.

Everything I created was world class.

But in the background, hand knits became my obsession.

So in 2020 I focussed.

Everything apart from the hand knitting projects became Limited Edition.

Never to be made again.

I archived everything in The Early Years Sale.

And dedicated the entire Always Wear Red business to hand knits.

“I’ve always loved big jumpers.
I’d wear them more.
And longer.

I had a Starsky cardigan as a boy.
It felt amazing.

I wanted that again.
Hand knits that hug you.
So you can escape the world.
To your world.
But this time.
I wanted jumpers made by the very best.
Made with the very best of everything.”

Wear it. Share it. Repair it.

The world doesn’t need another clothing brand.

70% of the world’s clothing is burnt or buried within 3 years.
30% of all clothing made is never marketed.
And only around 10% of the clothing we buy is worn regularly.

So Always Wear Red is changing the way people buy clothing.

Always Wear Red is for people that no longer want to be part of the problem.

Wear it. We’re in the 10% of your clothes you actually choose to wear.
Share it. We’re our own, unique gender neutral shape.
Repair it. We want you to love us more as we wear in – not out.

And as we mostly make to order.

Waste is zero.

“We’re not fashion.
We’re too slow for fashion.
We’re classic and simple instead.”

Maybe we’ll inspire more people to take more downtime.
Your permission to pause.
I hope so.”

Mychael Owen
Co-founder, Always Wear Red

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