Just last week.

An escalator at Newcastle Airport wedged the first few yards of a thousand miles between a teary-eyed me and my teary-eyed daughter.

I was moving.

My feet weren’t.

And I didn’t look back.

So that Izobel didn’t see my tears through her tears.

I was flying to The Denmark.

The Denmark.

Izobel thinks that all aeroplanes fly to The Denmark.

A conclusion that is not so strange considering she currently has information on just one aeroplane.

My aeroplane.

And just one destination.

My destination.

Clearly, Izobel is incorrect.

But I do understand why, for the 20 minutes that I held her close before I left, she pointed at every aeroplane that took to the sky and cried:


Another aeroplane flying to The Denmark!

Izobel and Donald Trump.

As I sat on my aeroplane.

On my way to The Denmark.

I had a thought.

It struck me that Izobel’s thinking that morning was a little like Donald Trump’s thinking.

I was not proud of this notion.

Not in the way that, traditionally, a father should be proud of his 3 year old daughter using similar reasoning to a world leader.

I smiled nevertheless.

I smiled because I think Izobel thinks all aeroplanes fly to The Denmark.

For similar reasons to why Donald Trump thinks all Mexicans will mug Americans.

And why Nigel Farage thinks all Polish people will steal (steal? really?) British jobs.

And why some people think that all black people will stab them.

The logic works!

But only under two circumstances.

First, if you form a view based only on what you have been told.

Or second, if you form a view based only on what you choose to look at or believe.



I remain proud of Izobel of course.

Her intelligence and hunger to learn what is right and true will mend the idea that all aeroplanes fly to The Denmark.

And Donald?

Can we mend what Donald thinks?


Donald is 73.

And he still thinks that all aeroplanes fly to The Denmark.


  1. Richard Marsden Reply

    Quite hilarious and yet thought provoking buddy.

    Questionable as to whether the supreme leader of the western world was born into such a severely disjointed mindset, or whether he is merely another output of the world we live in today, and the very apparent cultural divides that exist.

    If the former, maybe the accusing finger should be pointed no further than his upbringing, which has resulted in his rather thrivalous demeanour.

    At least you’re able to teach Izobel that most definitely not all planes fly to Denmark, and that it’s a big ol world out there my friend!!

  2. If you truly believe that Donald Trump thinks all Mexicans will mug Americans and Nigel Farage thinks all the Poles have stolen British jobs then I’m sorry, but you clearly have a mental disorder.
    Much more concerning is that someone of 50 odd years is actually brainwashed to think like this. ☹️

    • No mental disorder.

      Well, none that I know of.

      And yes Paul – for the avoidance of doubt – these are my opinions, framed as I see appropriate in these wee tales that I create for myself.


  3. Claire Jerrard Reply

    As always Michael thanks this mornings distraction.
    Like Izobel, Gabriel my 6 year old believes there is one seaside in Northumberland that is always sunny.
    When I say “come on lets go to the seaside” he replies “the sunny seaside” then kicks off when I try to put a hat on him and refuse to let him wear his trunks.


    • You are welcome Claire.

      As they grow older their tight ideas and assumptions will disappear. Which is a shame in so many cases.

      Still, for as long as it lasts, it’s fun.

      See you soon


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