Everyone’s at it.

Any place.

Any time.

Any age.

The Tyne Bar.

I was in The Tyne Bar in Newcastle at the weekend.

And I glanced over to the couple opposite.

Now, I did think that I’d only ever see younger couples doing this in public.

But no.

It’s older couples too.

At it.

How rude!


These guys were in their sixties.

And they didn’t care who was watching.

They just got their heads down and got on with it.

For over 20 minutes I was glancing across at them.

And they did it non-stop.

They didn’t utter a word to each other.

Even when they saw me looking, nothing changed.

They just kept on doing it.


So there you go.

It seems that they just couldn’t help themselves.

Over in the corner.

Their fingers were little more than a blur as they fiddled.

I’d seen younger people doing it lots as I say.

But at their age!

I’d never seen that before.

It seems that no one is immune these days.

The phenomenon is ageless.

So I took a sneaky photo of them.

It’s at https://www.50odd.co.uk/ageless/.


  1. Louise Heaps Reply

    Love this! It’s so true. Hoping there will be a backlash one day before people forget how to just focus on the place they are and the people they’re with.

    I took a similar photo when in New York in November. Our (very cool) hotel had a daily digital detox – they provided free wine, beer and canapés so you could just chill & chat after a busy day in the Big Apple before heading out. Awesome idea (plus the red wine was really good which helped). Notice the sign between the two people on their phones. And they’re sitting at the table with the free canapés!

    (If you want to see the photo, I’ve just posted about it on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/louiseheaps/)

    Thanks for the daily food for thought!

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