Everyone’s whispering.

Leaning in to each other.

And whispering.

Which is unfortunate for some.

Because some are wearing hats.

And their hats bump gently against the forehead of the person they’re talking to.

It’s OK though.

They both just smile.

Today is no day for battling.


You watch this happen from above.


It feels like above.

The only thing you know for sure is that you can see them.

All 30 of them.

But they can’t see you.


By the way.


30 is a good number, right?

Although hang on.

You knew a shitload more than 30 people when you were alive.

But people are busy, aren’t they?

So for 30 of them to come out today is, ‘a good show.’



The bit you feel most sad about.

Most stupid about.

Most frightened about.

Is the song you chose.

Because you know what’s coming.

Because you know the lyric.

And the lyric reminds you of the times you chose to stare at your fucking laptop.

And got tetchy with your 6 year old daughter.

When she asked you to help her make perfume.

From petals.

And you said no.

Because you were in the middle of corralling your very important thoughts for your very important presentation.

Fire and Rain.

It’s not the whole song that makes your breath shiver as you breathe in.

Then hold that breath.

And close your eyes.

And think back.

It’s just the bit where James says.

And keeps fucking saying.

“But I always thought I’d see you again.”


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