Try this.

This morning.

Or tomorrow morning.

Just before you leave the house.

Front Door.

Stand just inside your front door.

Perfectly still.

Staring at it.

With all you need for work in your hands or over your shoulder.

And let your imagination create a nice chap or lady.

Stood immediately to your side.

Holding a clapperboard.


Then, just as you reach out to open the door, imagine that imaginary chap or lady shouting out.

Loudly and with great enthusiasm:


As they SLAM the clapperboard shut.

And you pull the door open.

And you stride out into the street.

With longer strides than you’re used to.

Breathing deeper breaths than you’re used to.

Peering at the world through wider eyes than you’re used to.

Before you see the postman or postlady and you shout:

I’d like to KISS you!

Before you pop in your headphones.

Or just let your phone play THIS SONG OUT LOUD:

Making sure that each of your feet hits the floor at exactly the same time the snare drum or the bass drum hits your ears.


As you stride out into the day.

Head high.

Shoulders back.

Chest out.

Smiling broadly.

And maybe even giggling!


Or you could just flop out of your front door with your mouth lolling open, Weetabix on your chin, grunting something about ‘fucking meetings’.

It’s up to you, really.

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  1. I love this and have a similar albeit not identical approach…. my out the door song being Katy Perry – firework

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