I’ve long had a hatred of being interrupted by rude, lazy marketers.

Marketers telling me to use Grammarly or whatever-it’s-called because my writing is crap.

Interrupting Max Richter when he’s working on calming me down after a long day.

It’s rude.

And it’s lazy.

And that’s one of the reasons why it was so nice to meet Adrian.

Meet Adrian.

I met Adrian from Da Vinci Creative whilst on a David Hieatt / Do Lectures writing course.

In Wales.

In June.

Adrian is the kind of guy that, when you’re talking to him, he first of all breathes in very deeply.

Just the once.

Before enthusing about his passion for about an hour-and-a-half without breathing in again once.

Thankfully, what Adrian says is all great.

And thankfully, Adrian’s passion is a passion of mine too.


Adrian Loves Print.

Adrian is a cheerleader for really great print.

I reckon Adrian snaps open and sniffs a freshly printed brochure each morning.

I reckon Adrian whispers ‘goodnight’ to the last glorious piece of print he’s created each night.

Stroking the cover.

Running a forefinger lovingly over the perfectly perfect bound spine.

Before laying it flat.

And giving it a little kiss.

But back to Adrian’s enthusing…

Adrian’s Brilliant Monologue.

All I wanted to say is this.

In amongst Adrian’s brilliant monologue about print.

He at one point paused slightly and asserted, slowly but sincerely, these three words:




I immediately interrupted him.


I said.

“That, ‘Print is Polite’ thing.

Where’s that from?

Have you said that before?”

I asked.


Said Adrian.

Before continuing his print love story.

And I actually don’t think, even now, that Adrian realises just how lovely what he said was.

I think that ‘Print is Polite’ is A Beautiful Truth.

Whilst so much ugly, noisy, interruptive digital nonsense is just, well; not.

So I wanted to say to Adrian that, I think, the essence of who he is as a professional might just be captured in these three lovely words.

‘Print. Is. Polite.’

Listen to Your Business Owner Friends.

And as a sign-off I also wanted to say to you – listen to your business owner friends.

Listen to their passion and help them to find their Beautiful Truth too.

Because it’s very hard for business owners to distill who and what they are, and what they believe in, into a few emotionally connecting words.

All it might take is for someone like you to listen.


And point it out.

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