I’m moving house.

My current solicitor went silent for 3 weeks.

And when I contacted 7 more.

(Because I was fed up with the incumbent).

I was met with a sea of answer machines.



If you’re a solicitor.

Or if you know a solicitor.

Ask them to take a look at my Linkedin Link further down.

And the 70+ comments.

It will give them an insight into what (I think) their customers actually want.

Here’s what I posted on Linkedin:


This isn’t grumpiness.

It is a genuine request.

Can anybody recommend a North East based solicitor to help me with the sale of one property, and purchase of another?

A solicitor that:

1. Answers calls during office hours. No answer machines (which may or may not be full).

2. Does not say ‘press 1 for conveyancing’ – then just rings.

3. Invites me to speak to a warm human. To build rapport with. Instead of saying, ‘Do you wanna quote?’

4. Does not go silent when I say I just want someone to make me feel like I matter. Someone I sense will be on my side and at my side throughout. And that cares about my interests as much as I do.

5. Will listen and record what I’d like, rather than saying, ’email us – or just fill the form in – first’.

6. Makes me feel that decisions are for my benefit, not theirs.

7. Once appointed, helps me understand what happens when. And exactly what stage we’re at right now.

8. Once appointed, calls when they say they will – or before. And not say, ‘I forgot. I was busy with other clients’.

And yes.

I have experienced all this and more from Newcastle-based solicitors, today.


If you can recommend anyone, please email mychael@mychael.co.uk or please comment below.

Thank you.


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And that was that.

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