I go face-to-face with a personal trainer three times a week. Each time, it’s 1 hour.

I’m 50.

And I will be in the best shape of my adult life in about a year from now.

6 days. 

The only way I was going make this happen was to do one magical thing. I’ll mention what that magical thing was at the end.

But before I do, I wanted to point something out.

The maths bit.

1 hour, 3 days per week is 3 hours per week.

12 hours per month.

144 hours per year.

Or 6 (24 hour) days.

Under 2% of my year, to get to the shape I want to be.


I am not sure exactly how I’ll change shape of course.

But I will keep to the schedule.

And here’s the magical thing I mentioned earlier, the thing I did that makes me go face-to-face with a personal trainer 3 times each week.

I decided to.

That’s it.

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