I was asked by Hilary Dunne to write and deliver a Podcast.

Hilary runs a Global Speaker agency called The Brand Activators.

I addressed this subject:

Deep recession. Pandemic. War, even.

Globally significant. Thankfully rare. Landscape-shifting.

But if they do occur, what should business owners do regarding brand, PR, marketing and sales?

Here’s what I said.

5 Things.

First, I defined Brand, PR, Marketing and Sales.

(Just to make sure we were all chatting about the same thing).

Our DNA. What we stand for. Purpose. Belief. The change we want to make. What we’re most famous for.

Schedules and targets messages, identifies networks and channels, targets content and readership, reputation management. Includes digital PR (how found, what for), measures reach, engagement and effect.

Marketing & Sales
Identifies markets, how to reach them, what to say to them and how to close and grow accounts. Identifies targets, opportunities, responsibilities, relationship building and sales methods for developing insight and selling. 

Then, I listed 5 things to do during the Pandemic.

Here’s an overview:

  1. Don’t crave normal. Crave better. This means, use the time to get those things we’ve just defined, amazing. Sort them out. Because there will definitely be work to do
  2. Storify your journey to better. Tell the world, via Social Media and great quality email marketing, about your journey to better.
  3. Invest heavily in generosity. Help people. Loads of them. Sincerely and without expecting anything back. Jump out of bed to do this, in fact. Commit to it.
  4. Look for inspiration-and to inspire. Take a look at what other inspiring leaders are doing. Soak it all up. Then do something inspiring yourself. Imagine that other people, just like I am advising you to, were looking around looking for inspiring leadership during the pandemic. Would they find you?
  5. The worst decision you can make is to stop making decisions. You’re a leader. So lead.

In summary:

  1. Improve.
  2. Storify.
  3. Generosity.
  4. Inspire.
  5. Lead.

So it’s pretty much what you should have been doing anyway.



And after.

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