OK; you have to choose.

And you can only choose one.

One of these two things.

The first is one of the finest.

Most considered.

Well executed.

And most efficient manufacturing infrastructures in the whole world.

The second is one, solitary, 5 letter word.

And it’s your choice.


Your first choice is Dyson’s manufacturing infrastructure.

As described above.

Your second choice.


The brand.


Which is it?

Which is most valuable?

Which holds most power?

Which would be the harder to recreate from scratch?


Brand is powerful.

Brands build communities.

Brand makes people spend money on things they’ve never seen before made by people they’ve never met before.

Brand makes people tell other people about a ‘buzz’ they sense is occurring.

Brand means that the change someone is trying to make is so compelling to people that they get involved and get others to get involved too.

Great brands matter.

Decision time. 

So what’s it to be?

The infrastructure without the brand?

Or the brand without the infrastructure?

What would be harder to rebuild?

What would be easier or harder to get people to rally around and help you to rebuild?

The DYSON manufacturing infrastructure?

Or the DYSON brand?



I choose the 5 letter word.

I choose brand.

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