Freddie Mercury died aged 45.

In 1991.

So 27 years ago.

(That’s twenty seven years ago.

Twenty seven.

I know that sounds unbelievable.

Well, it did to me.

That it was such a long time ago.

So I checked and checked again. 

And it’s right. 

24th November. 




Freddie Mercury is, unfortunately, still dead.

But if you were to wander past this studio and, from a half open door, hear Marc Martel singing.

And then take a look at Marc (there’s a resemblance).

And checked out his mannerisms.

And heard him play the piano.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Freddie was back.

Here’s Marc:


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  1. Mark Hyson Reply

    What a coincidence. Last night I was going to google this, because I learnt Brian May is 71 and thought ‘how did that happen?’ So Freddie would have been 72. In the end I didn’t google it, I got distracted by some other, equally unimportant thing – I can’t remember what now… I hope it’s not just me that does that.

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