I live in a skinny three story town house.

And I have 3 toilets.

3 Toilets.

The first one is on the ground floor.

Which we need because we spend most of our time there.

The other two are on the top floor.

The second one we need because it’s got a shower in it and it’s accessible from the landing.

So if we have people staying on the top floor they can use it.

And if people stay on the middle floor they can use this second toilet too.

The third one we need because it’s adjacent to our bedroom.

En-suite I suppose.

So yes.

We need 3 toilets.


It’s weird isn’t it?

What we persuade ourselves that we need.

1 toilet would, of course, be absolutely fine.

1 freezer (we have 2).

2 or 3 pairs of shoes (I have many).

As I do coats, pairs of jeans, pairs of trainers and every other category of clothing and footwear too.


The best things in the world – I think – genuinely satisfy a big need and a big want.

Both at the same time.

A strategy you can adopt to try to achieve this, if you want to, is to buy less and buy better.

So that’s what I’ll do from now.

Anybody want a toilet or two?


  1. Tina Hicks Reply

    I have just bought a 3 storey townhouse with 3 toilets and last night was thinking how many toilet rolls I would get through compared to my one toilet house now. How do random thoughts like this happen when you have so much going on in your work life ?

    • First world problems Tina.

      But problems nonetheless.

      You and I will ‘tut’ when one or more of the little rooms run out of toilet paper.

      Then we’ll catch the news on the telly, absorb the real problems out there, and calm down a little bit I’m sure.

      Thank you for commenting.


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