December 2023


Occasionally, I want to pack it all in. I’ve always felt this. And whilst I imagine it’s bad for my blood pressure, it’s good for business.

Occasionally feeling I want to pack it all in is good for business because it means I’m doing something I’m really, really bothered about. So bothered in fact, that I’d consider walking away from it completely if it is not done beautifully and brilliantly well.

I’m pleased about that.

So, I’d suggest that if you’re not doing something that doesn’t, occasionally, make you want to pack it in.

Maybe you should pack it in.

I mentioned that when I closed my agencies and flipped my life around, I felt lost. And that I stumbled across a 4-stage way back:

  1. Generosity. I took on 2 or 3 Non Exec roles. To (re)check my value.
  2. Value. I was valuable. I felt better about myself.
  3. Confidence. I became more precise in my thinking and recommendations.
  4. Preeminence. I performed at a really high level. In a, ‘Blimey, I’m actually very good at this’ way.

There are more ingredients though. Ingredients that, these days, make me feel I ‘just know’ what clients must do. (And I really do ‘just know’ what clients must do).

The next level, and it is where I am now, is Instinct and Intuition. These two ‘I-words’ are so valuable to me.

I thought I’d lost them. But I hadn’t. I just stopped believing in them. Because I stopped believing in me.

Over the last two months, I’m lucky to be working with two new businesses as Associate Brand Director (Brand Director for hire!)

Back in the day, when I had agencies, when chatting to potential new clients I’d ask myself (something like):

  • Can we give you what you say you want?

These days I ask myself (things like):

  • Do I believe you?
  • Can we make a difference – together?
  • Is this work actually worth doing?
  • Are you listening?

The work’s much better these days.