April 2020


It depends why you’re doing it.

Design I mean.

It depends whether you’re trying to do the best design of your life.

Or whether you’re trying to make the most money you can from design.


I suppose.

The third option.

You’re trying to make the most money you can from design, by trying to do the best design of your life.

Two Deaths. 

I have an opinion on these 3 options.

  1. Trying to do the best design of your life.
  2. Trying to make the most money you can from design.
  3. Or trying to make the most money you can from design, by trying to do the best design of your life.

It is my opinion that if you try to achieve option 1, you have the potential to do the best design of your life.

If you try option 2, you will never do the best design of your life.

If you try option 3, you will suffer Two Deaths.

You will never make the most money you can from design.

That will die.

And you will never do the best design of your life.

That will die also.


I say this as I move myself into a new personal chapter with my career.

As I am exploring not only what I do.

But how I make decisions about what I do.

And because I want to design for the love of design.

Because I want to do the best design of my life.

That’s what I’m going to do.

There’s a difference between finding yourself.

And being yourself.

The first takes patience, honesty and insight.

The second takes bravery.


The reason I say this is because of my own journey.

I’ve paused.

Properly, I mean.

I’m having a really good look at who I am.

And what I want to do.

And what I am actually for.

Just in my professional life at the moment.

As a seasoned and senior creative.

And the good news is that I have actually found myself.

I have pinned down who I am.

And I now know what I am for.


Being it is harder, though.

That takes bravery.

I am staring at the new me.

Right now.

Because I am about to start to ‘be’ it.

With a new business name.

New logo.

New website.

New narrative.

And it’s frightening.


So I just wanted to point out to you.

And to me.

That if you are.

On any level at all.

Telling yourself that you are pausing.

With a view to finding yourself.

Be prepared for the second bit.

The ‘being’ bit.

Because if you can’t find the bravery to stand up and ‘be’.

Don’t bother trying to find out who you are and what you want to do.

Finding and Being.

Finding and being.

For real change.

You need both.

There’s a point in Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka.

The film, I mean.

The original film.

With Gene Wilder.

(What a guy).

There is a point that I find quite interesting.

Willy Wonka.

It’s right near the end of the film.

Willy Wonka sits opposite Charlie.

Having made a decision.

And he has just told Charlie of it.

Mr. Wonka has at that moment told Charlie he is giving the Chocolate Factory to him.

And Charlie is happy.





But then the tone changes.

And Mr. Wonka leans in.

Close to Charlie.

Looks him in the eyes.

And says this.

Don’t forget what happened to the man who got everything he ever wanted.

And that’s when we start to worry.

That’s when Charlie starts to worry.

It’s instinctive.

Charlie has everything he has ever wanted.

Life is so good!

So what was Mr. Wonka going to say?

Willy Wonka followed up with this:

He lived happily ever after.

And Willy Wonka smiled.


We’re all a bit like Charlie, I think.

We worry.

We worry that what we have will be taken away.

But that.

I think.

Shows us how grateful we should be for what we have right now.

It’s not perfect.

But yes.

We’re OK.

So let’s see if we can live happily ever after too.

At least for today.

I am that much of a horrible bastard.

That I am horrible enough.

And bastardly enough.

To have said this to someone that I care about this week:

If you stop making excuses for what you should be doing.

And get organised enough to actually do it.

And read all of this.


This month.

You will be well on the way to being the businesswoman you need to be in order to make a success of what you are about to do.


Your opportunity.

If you want to.

Is to say it to yourself.



And here’s the book I was talking about.

And it’s free:

Well I hope you’re OK there in your bubble.

Tucked away.

Probably with a whole new different kind of busyness.

And probably.

Just probably.

With the occasional pocket of time that allow your mind to drift off.

Back in time.

To a time you remember fondly.

And maybe to a person that you remember fondly, too.

Watch this.

Let’s see.

Watch this.


And see what happens.

Especially when you hear these words.

Is it too late to remind you how we were?



Here is one question.

That is part of both Google’s.

And Amazon’s.

Interview process.

The Question.

Some questions are hard.

And by hard I of course mean it’s tricky to fathom the answer.

Some questions are really hard.

And by really hard I mean it’s tricky to fathom the question.

Really Hard.

Here’s a really hard question.

It’s interesting though.

So concentrate.

And give it a go.


Imagine that you have a stick.

Then imagine that you randomly and independently snap that stick in two places.

So you’re left with three sticks.


Here’s the question.

What is the probability, as a percentage, that the three pieces you are left with CAN form a triangle?

Over to you.



And when you’re ready.

Here’s the answer:


Bill Withers died.


He was good.

And the best song that I think he wrote and sang.

Was ‘Aint No Sunshine’.

Rick Astley.


Another big Bill Withers fan is Rick Astley.

So when Bill died, Rick recorded his own version of ‘Aint No Sunshine’.

It should be shit, of course.

But it’s not.

But then we can have a listen to Bill singing and playing it live as well.


(Check the drummer’s face).

Here we go: