I don’t like cricket.

But I liked yesterday’s cricket.

The World Cup Final.

The game that was won by England on Super Overs.

Super Overs are (as I and many others discovered for the first time yesterday) one special additional over, per team.

Something that had to happen because, after every single ball of the ‘normal’ match was bowled.

England and New Zealand were still completely level.


One of the commentators.

As we entered the Super Overs bit.

Said this:

If you paid £2,000 a ticket.

You underpaid.

Tongue in cheek I am sure.

But a great comment.

And it got me thinking.

Special Moments.

It got me thinking about how special moments and experiences are created.

I know that the unpredictable, unfathomably unique circumstances that this one cricket match magicked were not the result of an exact formula.

But without the clever training.

The risk.

The imagination.

The hard work.

The team talks.

The talent and the nurturing of that talent.

The patience.

The camaraderie.

And the luck, of course.

This could not have happened.

My Businesses.

And I then asked myself am I doing everything I possibly can in my businesses at the moment so that magic might happen here.

And the answer is.

That I am not sure.


I think so.

And that’s not good enough.

Not for me, anyway.


Is £2,000 acceptable for a cricket match.

No way!

Is £2,000 acceptable for a match that, today, is being hailed as the greatest match of all time?



Magical moments cannot be completely engineered.

But can we create circumstances and environments that are more likely to allow them to happen?


I think we can.

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