If you’re thinking about asking a (good) copywriter to help your business. Here are a three things to quickly ponder.

1)  Don’t bother unless you’re prepared to really let them in. The good ones will be super nosey. They’ll want to know loads about you. Welcome that.

2) Describe the business problem, and leave it there. Leave it to the copywriter to define the best solution, if indeed copywriting can help at all. For example, a good copywriter will know whether it’s more clarity, simplicity and straightforwardness that you need. Or it may be that distinctiveness and an owned voice needs to be defined and codified. Sometimes it’s short, arresting written work akin to advertising that’s needed. Let them prescribe what to write, how to write it and how to use it.

3) Ask yourself if the copywriter really understands business. How business works, I mean. This is because copywriting in any of its forms might not be the answer – yet or at all. They should have broad enough experience – and broad enough shoulders – to suggest a different fix if that’s what’s needed.

Do consider investing in professional copywriting though. Done right, it has a faster positive impact on business than almost any other part of the comms mix.

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