3 days ago I created 1 post on LinkedIn.

It was 6 sentences long.

In under 2 days, this 1 post had been viewed over 100,000 times.

As I write, this is still rising at a rate of 200 views every minute.


One of the businesses I run is called ANGELFYSH.

It’s a Brand Communication agency with a difference.

Every team member is three things:

  1. Deeply knowledgeable about tried and theories relating to their various specialisms.
  2. They have advised – at board level – some of the most significant brands in the world in their specialist areas.
  3. They have founded and grown brands of their own.

The first 2 things make us great.

The combination of all 3 things makes us unique.

Because wherever you’re going – between us all at ANGELFYSH – we’ve already been.

If you’re an ANGELFYSH client, you avoid the pitfalls and garner the windfalls.

The Difference. 

It is rare that I will use 50odd as a platform to tell you in detail about one of my businesses.

And whilst this is what I am doing here, there are two very important additional points – for anyone wishing to start or grow their own business.

Here they are:

  1. Have an Ownable Point Of Difference

Be unique. 

And make a promise.


That means we’ve been where you’re going.

So we can actually do what we’ve done for ourselves – for you.

2. Make Sure You Can Prove Your Promise.

Click here to see the LinkedIn post I’m referring to.

It had 100,000 views when I started writing.

As I finish, it has 102,000.

Still in under 2 days.

In a future post – I’ll tell you how I got so many wonderful people to join the conversation.


  1. Intrigued to know if your references (logo usage and #apple) to one of (if not the most), prolific and recognizable brands on the planet enabled you to draw in from their respective advocate/detractor bases?

    If so clever use of an established brand to gain interest and hook people in.

    • Hello Richard

      In a week or three I will unpick what has happened.

      What you mention here is certainly part of the story.

      But it’s not the whole story.

      My engagement with 10,000 followers on LinkedIn is between 2,000 and 10,000 views.

      The average being maybe 5,000.

      This 1, 6 sentence post has now been viewed 370,000 times in 5 days.


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