1,000 months

If a Man Lives for 1,000 Months, He Will Die Aged 83 Years.

Around about the time I’d used up 540 of my months, I reflected. I had houses, businesses, awards, money, a (great) partner, dogs and cats. Some mattered. Some didn’t.

I was swimming hard and I was ahead. But I was swimming in pretty much the same direction as everyone else. And that’s not me.

I recognised I was doing what I (and others) thought I ‘should’. I wasn’t ‘doing my thing’ (whatever that was). I was waiting for something.  Fulfilment. My purpose. My ‘why’.

Then, one day, I decided to stop waiting. I decided to use the next 60 of my remaining months to sell a house, close all of my businesses, start a new  business (my ‘thing’) – and have a baby.

What Happens When You Stop Waiting and Start Doing.

The answer is, I am still finding out. So far I’ve been paralysed with fear, felt completely lost, wondered at the kindness of strangers, been proud of my own resilience and pushed my creativity and curiosity to the limits. I’ve cried with happiness, cried with sadness and embracing wholeheartedly the heady, unique mix of anxiety and adrenaline that comes from not having a clue what I am doing.


That’s why I started 50odd.co.uk. To tell the story of how this 50odd year old man searches for and delivers on his purpose. 3,650 diary entries. 1 each day. For 10 years.

The only thing  I know will definitely happen to this 50odd year old man in the next 10 years is that he will become a 60 year old man. All I have to do to achieve that is to not die.

But finding and delivering on my purpose? That I don’t know.

Today, on Thursday July 26th 2018, I am 50. So here goes.

Wish me luck.