Here’s a little thought that occurred to me this morning. Just as I awoke.

The best time to dream – is when you’re awake. 

I don’t think there’s anything else I want to say about that.

Have a dreamy day.

Would you rather be the smartest person in the room? Or the dumbest? 

I know what I’d choose every single time.

Defining Smart

I am not defining ‘smart’ as specialists or narrowly-focused experts such as photographers, technical developers, personal trainers, accountants or tactical marketers. I mean really, really smart people.

Intelligent, rounded thinkers. Creative people. People that have been there and done it. People respected by almost all of their peers. Educators that can and do help a broad range of people on a broad range of subjects. People that are known for what they know and how they teach what they know by informal means.

These smart people tend to be quite calm, too. Quiet even. Neither showy nor ego-driven.

Just – well – smart.

We Are Who We Mix With

As individuals, we are who we mix with. As we get older we know a lot more people because we’ve been around longer. So we have more people to choose from as we develop our ‘tribe’.

So what tribe have you chosen? The settlers? Or the go-getters?

Throughout my 50s it is my intention to  be better tomorrow than I am today. I want to learn. And I want to learn from smart, brave, creative thinkers.

Choose Dumbest

Being the smartest person in the room feels great. But, really, what’s the point?

Choose dumbest.

Turn your ego off.

Shift your paradigm to ‘student’ mode.

And learn.

The worst thing about running a big creative agency is that it’s not very creative.

I didn’t realise this at the time. And I crave being creative.

So, for this reason (plus a few others) I closed it.


This story continues on from yesterday’s CHILDISH story, chronicling my desire to be a particular kind of creative.

I think that proper creativity is creating without fear. And that’s quite hard as we get older. That’s the creativity I crave.

The best story I have ever heard to illustrates this was told by Dr. Ken Robinson in his legendary TED talk entitled, “Do Schools Kill Creativity.” It goes like this…

I heard a great story recently – I love telling it – of a little girl who was in a drawing lesson.

She was six, and she was at the back, drawing, and the teacher said this girl hardly ever paid attention, and in this drawing lesson, she did.

The teacher was fascinated.

She went over to her, and she said, “What are you drawing?”

And the girl said, “I’m drawing a picture of God.”

And the teacher said, “But nobody knows what God looks like.”

And the girl said, “They will, in a minute.”


I am a naturally creative person. And even though I probably don’t know you – you are too.

Whether you want to plug into this creativity or whether you even enjoy it is your business.

But one thing that I do know, with absolute certainty, is that anyone that was once a child – is creative.

Dr. Robinson

Here is Dr. Robinson’s TED talk. It is one of the top 5 talks ever watched. Over 50 million have seen it.

Before I had a daughter I loved it. Now my Izobel is 2, I love it even more.